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Safety/Security – Health – Environment – Quality (SHEQ)

More than 25 years ago, the foundation for today's SHEQ management was laid with the launch of a quality management system. The integrated management system combines the processes, methods and tools that are required to perform various safety, health, environment and quality-related tasks in one coherent structure.

SHEQ Management tasks:

  • Regular round-table discussions by the SHEQ management team
  • Organisation and implementation of specific technical training sessions and workshops
  • Employee coaching
  • Organisation and implementation of internal audits
  • Planning, implementation and controlling of topic-specific projects (e.g. developing security management), involvement of other shared service departments
  • Help desk for emergency situations
  • Risk management: analysis of incidents, development of preventative measures
  • Cooperation in international work groups (harmonisation, development and improvement of standards, etc.)
  • Coordination and participation in the Corporate Social Responsibility Team (CSR)