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Great Britain
+44 2035 3066-20


Information obligation (Art. 5 of the E-Commerce Act – ECA) and disclosure requirement (Art. 25 of the Media Act)

Media owner/publisher of group website
CONTAINEX Container-Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Industriezentrum NÖ-Süd, Straße 14
AT-2355 Wiener Neudorf

Tel.: +43 2236 601-0
Fax: +43 2236 601-1234
E-mail:  ctx@containex.com

Company registration number: FN 41572 k
Companies register: Wiener Neustadt regional court
VAT Reg.No.: ATU19206605
Data processing register number: 0404004
Registered office: Laxenburg, Austria