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Buying a cabin or container: Containers & modules for every need

Containers and modules from the manufacturer

As well as new portable cabins, sanitary cabins and storage containers, you can also buy top quality used containers and cabins from us. It does not matter whether you are looking for a single cabin or container or an entire modular building. We have the right space solution for you and offer you the fastest way to get high-quality cabins and containers. Read on and see our extensive range of containers and modules for yourself!

Available containers and modules

At CONTAINEX you will not just find the one cabin or container, you will find a large number of different containers and modules. Below you will find a list of available types from portable cabins to complementary module types! If you are not quite sure or if you have special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Modular building

Portable office container

Whether as a construction site cabin, office, sales room, classroom, common room, and much more – discover the possibilities of our portable cabins. Due to the flexible panel construction, they can not only be individually tailored to your needs, they are also promptly delivered and assembled. Office extensions to conventional buildings are also easily achievable with the flexible panel system. And they look good on every construction site as well!

Modular building

Portable toilet cabins and sanitary cabins

Clean, flexible and ready for immediate use: our sanitary solutions meet your requirements in terms of quality, hygiene and cleanliness. Additionally, sanitary and WC cabins offer convenient facilities with fresh water instead of chemicals. Whether as a WC box on company premises or as a sanitary facility including shower for the construction site - you will find the solution here!
Modular building

Storage container

Storage containers are a practical solution if you need additional storage space. Our storage and material containers are available in various dimensions and designs. Additionally, we offer various equipment options and accessories for our containers. That way they can be perfectly adapted to your needs.

Modular building

Office and sanitary box

Due to the compact and robust construction of the office and sanitary box, it can be used in a variety of ways: as a gatehouse cabin, ticket office for events or additional WC unit on the company premises and much more! You determine your needs, we deliver the right space solution.

Modular building

Supplementary cabin types

We work with you to find the perfect solution if you need a modular building, and our supplementary module types complete your building. The use of terrace, internal staircase, external staircase or corridor cabins ensure even more functionality - discover the many possibilities for your CONTAINEX modular building.

Popular cabin/container sizes: 10 and 20 ft cabins/containers

Are you looking for a specific cabin/container size for your individual requirements? Then you are in the right place! We will find the perfect solution for you among our numerous types of compact 10 foot cabins/containers and spacious 20 foot cabins/containers.

Buying a cabin or container: Process for new & used cabins and containers

If you decide to buy a cabin or container - new or used - then you willl be well advised with CONTAINEX. Our competent employees guide you through the process from the enquiry to the execution of your project. And even beyond that thanks to our special cabin and container buy-back offer! Because we are convinced of the quality and sustainability of our products and so will you!

The whole thing takes place in your national language and directly on site, but it can also happen by phone or e-mail! As a special service, you can also see your desired solution in advance as a 3D visualisation. But how exactly does a cabin or container purchase work and what can you expect when you choose CONTAINEX as a partner?

  1. Your enquiry is received by the responsible employee (responsibility is defined by region).
  2. That employee will contact you by phone or by email.
  3. Details will be discussed on the same day.
  4. If you wish, an appointment can be arranged.
  5. Then an offer is made.
  6. If everything meets your requirements, you will accept this offer.
  7. Then cabins or containers are ordered, including information of delivery time in weeks.

Buying a cabin or container: Reasons why CONTAINEX is the best choice for you!

As a WALTER GROUP company, when it comes to containers and modular buildings, we offer only high-quality mobile space systems to suit any given requirement.

  • With more than 40 years of experience in the field of mobile space solutions, we have not only made a name for ourselves throughout Europe, but our offer is second to none in terms of depots, logistics and maintenance!
  • With more than 250 depots, our cabins and containers are close by and can even be viewed upon request.
  • Our European production plants ensure our consistently high quality standards.
  • Due to future-oriented technological standards and numerous quality assurance measures, we guarantee the production of all our containers and modules.
  • Last but not least, we always value compliance with strict environmental standards in both the production and delivery of our cabins and containers. These are summarised in our CONTAINEX GREEN technology certificate which is freely available to you.
More than 40 years of experience
Environmentally-friendly production
Buy-back guarantee
Own European production
Personal on site advice
Europe-wide depot network

Buy your dream cabin or container now and your project becomes reality.

Regardless of whether you want to buy or rent a cabin or container - our mobile space systems offer the right solution for your individual requirements. Our various cabin and container types such as portable cabins, sanitary cabins or storage containers can be individually adapted to your needs thanks to their flexible modular design. We could tell you a lot more, however, just see for yourself and send us your enquiry now!



How much does the cabin or container delivery cost?

General prices are unprofessional at this point. The delivery costs depend on: availability in the CONTAINEX depots. delivery location and cabin/container type. Also local conditions and whether a crane is required for offloading also play a role.

Where can cabins and containers be set up?

A cabin or container can be set up on both private and public land. However, it should be noted that specific requirements must be met depending on the location. 

On private land: you are responsible for providing a suitable site for the cabin(s) or container(s) and ensuring safe access to the site.

On public land: written approval must be obtained from the responsible authority.

Which surface is suitable for cabins/containers?

A flat and solid surface needs to be prepared on site for the cabin/container. The minimum requirement starts with screw foundations and extends to strip/point foundations. It always depends on which cabin/container you set up and how many cabins/containers there are (on top of each other). Therefore, a prior inspection by a trained professional is a prerequisite.

How much does a cabin or container cost?

A suitable space solution in the form of a site cabin is put together individually and according to your requirements (number and type of cabins/containers, new or used, equipment options, transport routes, etc.). Our Sales Managers always strive to find the solution that is the best value for money for you. Simply send us your enquiry with your specific ideas.
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