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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How much does a cabin or container cost?

Prices of our cabins and containers depend on the equipment & size as well as other details, so we are not able to give a general answer at this point. For more detailed information, it is best to send us a specific enquiry.
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Can I rent a cabin or container?

Yes, we also offer various types of cabins and containers for hire - from portable cabins to storage containers. Thanks to our Europe-wide depot network and a rental fleet of more than 30,000 units, these are available immediately. For more information, visit our hire cabin page.

Can cabins and containers be offset against tax?

Unfortunately, general information cannot be given at this point. Which options or possibilities of tax deduction you are eligible for must be clarified with your tax advisor.

How many cabins or containers can be stacked on top of each other?

It is possible to stack up to three containers or cabins on top of each other, for example, if they are portable cabins or storage containers. Shipping containers can be stacked up to 9 high, but each case has to be individually assessed. The best way to do this is to send us an enquiry and we will provide the necessary plans, taking into account our current arrangement options according to our technical product description!
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Do cabins and containers require a permit?

Yes. In most cases, the installation of a cabin or container is subject to approval. Whether it is a construction project that requires approval or notification depends on the size and purpose of the cabin or container. However, this can vary as building regulations differ from country to country. A submission plan may be required. To be on the safe side with your project, you need to contact the responsible authority e.g. building authority, municipality, city, etc.

Where can cabins and containers be set up?

A cabin or container can be set up on both private and public land. However, it should be noted that specific requirements must be met depending on the location. On private land: you are responsible for providing a suitable site for the cabin(s) or container(s) and ensuring safe access to the site. On public land: written approval must be obtained from the responsible authority.

Can I order a cabin or container as a private individual?

Yes. At CONTAINEX you can buy individual cabins and containers as a private individual, including our buyback guarantee! One exception: we do not offer modular buildings to private individuals. You also have to pay in advance: there are no financing options available for private individuals.

What is the CONTAINEX buyback guarantee?

If you decide to buy a high-quality CONTAINEX cabin or container, we would be happy to buy it back when you no longer need it. For further information, please send us an enquiry and we will call you back!

Are CONTAINEX cabins and containers available in white if I am not allowed to set up a blue one?

Yes, our cabins and containers are available in various colours according to the CONTAINEX RAL chart

How much does the cabin or container delivery cost?

General prices are unprofessional at this point. The delivery costs depend on: availability in the CONTAINEX depots. delivery location and cabin/container type. Also local conditions and whether a crane is required for offloading also play a role.

Which surface is suitable for cabins/containers?

A flat and solid surface needs to be prepared on site for the cabin/container. The minimum requirement starts with screw foundations and extends to strip/point foundations. It always depends on which cabin/container you set up and how many cabins/containers there are (on top of each other). Therefore, a prior inspection by a trained professional is a prerequisite.

Will the cabin/container be delivered by crane?

Our cabins/containers are always delivered without crane. However, if necessary, we may be able to organise crane offloading on site with a separate crane.

What cladding can a CONTAINEX cabin/container have?

Different claddings are possible from wood to sheet metal and wrapping. However, they are not available from the factory, but if required we would be happy to put you in contact with various partner companies. Take a look at our completed projects and send us an individual request!

Are cabins supplied with keys?

Yes. Our cabins come with up to three keys. They are fitted with cylinder locks as standard.

Are cabins and containers available in different colours?

At CONTAINEX, you can choose the colour of your cabin or container. Numerous colours are available from the CONTAINEX RAL chart.

Where are the cabins/containers manufactured?

Our cabins and containers are manufactured at our own production plants in Europe. Only high-quality materials are used. Compliance with strict environmental and quality standards is of great importance to us as well.

How are cabins/containers delivered?

Depending on the type of cabin or container, there are different delivery options. For example, portable cabins can be delivered either in a space-saving transpack or fully assembled. This depends a lot on the delivery location. Sanitary and WC cabins as well as storage containers are delivered to you fully assembled as standard. Storage containers can also be delivered as a set, which saves costs and resources.

Portable cabin

What does a portable cabin weigh?

When assembled, a portable cabin weighs between 1,290 kg – 2,710 kg depending on its size.

How much does a portable cabin cost?

The best way to find out is to send us a specific request.

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Sanitary and WC cabins

How are sanitary cabins delivered? And can they be used instantly?

Sanitary and WC cabins are fully fitted in the factory, right up to the outside of the cabin. They are delivered assembled and ready for immediate use.

How are WC and sanitary cabins supplied with water?

Depending on location, sanitary modules can be supplied with fresh water either by means of a tank or by direct connection to a water pipe. If they are intended for long-term use, a supply line and an outlet through the ground must be installed.

Storage container

Can a storage container be offset against tax?

Unfortunately, general information cannot be given at this point. Which options or possibilities of tax deduction you are eligible for must be clarified with your tax advisor.

How big is a storage container?

A storage container can be 6 to 40 foot long. As well as these options, there is also the Mover-Box® with a compact volume of 7 m3. For more information, please take a look at our shipping container or storage container page.

How many kg can you put into a storage container?

Our storage containers can hold up to 10,000 kg.

Site Cabin

How much does a construction site cabin cost?

General prices are unprofessional at this point, as the cost of a construction site cabin always depends on the type and equipment.

Modular buildings

Do I require a building application for the construction of a modular building?

In this case you should find out more from the responsible authority. Depending on the purpose and duration of the installation, as well as the size of the modular building, the decision as to whether a construction notification or an application is required is very individual.

Are CONTAINEX modular buildings only available in blue?

No. You can choose a suitable colour for your modular building from the wide range of our CONTAINEX RAL colours from sun yellow to pink or black.

Will CONTAINEX arrange the delivery and assembly of the modular building?

Yes, we can organise offloading and assembly on request. We also offer delivery directly to your reuested location. In addition, suitable foundations must be prepared on site for a proper assembly.

Hire cabins

Does a hire cabin need to be cleaned before returning it?

Yes. Otherwise we will charge you for the final cleaning.

Who is liable for damage to the hire cabin?

The hirer is liable for all damage from burglary to force of nature. However, you can insure your hire cabin yourself!

How long can I rent a hire cabin?

As long as you want, because there is no maximum rental period. We respond to customerss' needs individually with each project. The minimum rental period is 60 days.

Is it cheaper to rent a hire cabin for a longer period of time?

At CONTAINEX we do not offer standard prices, because we always work out a tailor-made offer that meets your precise requirements. It is, therefore, worthwhile to send us a non-binding enquiry.

Can I pay the rent in advance for the agreed rental period?

At CONTAINEX, billing is very individual and depends heavily on the creditworthiness of our customers as well as the size of the modular building and the number of hire cabins/containers.

Do I have to insure a hire cabin/container?

You can decide that for yourself. CONTAINEX does not require you to insure the hire cabins/containers.

How long does the delivery of CONTAINEX hire cabins/containers take?

It always depends on the availability in the CONTAINEX depots and the place of delivery. To do this, please contact us!

Are door locks also rented with the cabins?

Hire cabins have built-in plastic locks that can be locked with a skeleton key as standard. If you prefer cylinder locks, you will have to provide one yourself!

Can I rent an air conditioning unit for a cabin?

Yes, you can rent an air conditioning unit.

Can I also rent furniture if I rent a cabin?

Yes, we offer various rental furniture and accessories. To check out details it is best to take a look at our hire cabin page.

Is it possible to buy a cabin/container after renting it?

This is possible under certain circumstances, but only in consultation with us.

Do I have to indicate if I want to rent a cabin/container longer than agreed?

No. The rental period is automatically extended until we receive a cancellation.

Can I rent a cabin/container including storage space?

No. But we can provide you with a self-storage contact who can make this possible.

Shipping container

What is the height of a shipping container?

A Dry Van container is 2591 mm high; a High Cube container is 2896 mm high.

How much does a shipping container weigh?

The weight varies between 2050 kg and 3700 kg depending on size.

What is the width of a shipping container?

The external width of a shipping container is 2438 mm.

What is the size of a shipping container?

CONTAINEX offers 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers.