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Containers & cabins


CONTAINEX-Services - from advice to spare parts delivery!

With 40 years' experience in the container trade, CONTAINEX not only offers top quality but also wide ranging expertise.
Modular building

Our services

From advice about planning, financing, delivery and assembly, to the guaranteed availability of replacement parts and simple repairs - CONTAINEX is your competent partner!
Modular building

Container depot Vienna / Wiener Neudorf

The perfect solution if, as a shipping company or container leasing company, you are looking for storage space for your containers. Our modern container depot has high security standards, modern infrastructure and much more.
Modular building

Used container repurchase

We buy your used CONTAINEX containers and cabins, regardless of whether it is a single cabin or an entire modular building.
Modular building

Become a Trading partner

Start your new business together with us. Benefit from high product quality and over 40 years of experience.
Become a subcontractor

Become a subcontractor

Work with your services such as the assembly of cabins, electrical installations, drywall installations and much more, on the completion of our projects.


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