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CONTAINEX u největší festivalové arény pod otevřeným nebem v Evropě

CONTAINEX bei Europas größter Open-Air-Festival-Arena

CONTAINEX makes music! On the grounds of the RCF Arena Campovolo in the region of Reggio Emilia (IT), one of our space solutions has been installed. Thanks to this setup, the huge concert venue is ready for numerous uses.

The RCF Arena Campovolo in Italy is the largest outdoor festival arena in Europe. It can accommodate up to 100,000 people on a total area of 1,380m². 85 portable cabins and 7 sanitary cabins of our CLASSIC Line range serve as back-stage areas for the artists and their crewmembers, as spacious sanitary facilities and first-aid areas.

In addition, they offer storage facilities for various equipment. Thanks to the flexible modular construction, our space modules were individually tailored to the needs of the XL concert location.

Do you also think without limits? We make your ideas reality and offer "space at once" for every need!

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