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Design options

Not only does the CONTAINEX PLUS Line have a new, attractive design from the outside, the attractive appearance continues inside too:.

Exterior design

The CONTAINEX PLUS Line is available in a modern and attractive design. Choose from numerous other equipment options such as a high-quality external door, windows with 5-chamber plastic profile, full glazing with thermally separated aluminium profiles and various shading options.

Interior fittings

CONTAINEX PLUS Line exterior view
In order to be able to meet your individual requirements even better, the CONTAINEX PLUS Line offers various interior fittings:
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Concealed electrical and sanitary installations
  • Individual room sizes thanks to the modular partition system
  • Various floor covers, internal staircase systems, etc.
The equipment of the PLUS Line leaves nothing to be desired and creates feel-good spaces.

Sanitary version

CONTAINEX PLUS Line Sanitary equipment
The visual requirements of the CONTAINEX PLUS Line with high-quality fittings and hidden pipe-work continue in WC and sanitary rooms too. Depending on the installation location, the supply and discharge pipes are housed in facing walls or shells. Different configuration options also allow adaptation to individual requirements. High-quality sanitary ceramics and genuine glass shower cubicles create a feel-good atmosphere.

Windows and glazing


Numerous window and glazing options enable an ideal adaptation to your planned application - from concentrated work in classic offices to a unique shopping experience in modern sales offices.

Your benefits:

  • 5-chamber plastic profile with aluminium clip in exterior colour (optional)
  • Fixed glazing with thermally separated aluminium profiles
  • Insulated glazing Ug value 0.7
  • Safety glass of all classifications optional




Venetian blinds
Our shading options protect against heat and keep the rooms cool. They provide privacy and help to save energy.:
  • Venetian blinds with electric drives for optimal shading
  • Roller shutters with insulated aluminum profiles for additional burglary protection

Fire protection

Fire protection
The new CONTAINEX PLUS Line has (R)EI30 fire protection as standard. If required, this can be upgraded to (R)EI90. The new construction allows fast and filler-free assembly despite this high-quality design.


The optimal thermal insulation of roof, wall and floor - adapted to applicable usage and standard requirements - ensures pleasant room temperatures and low energy costs due to low heat loss.


roof insulation   floor insulation   wall insulation  
200 mm MW U-value 0,15 160 mm MW U-value 0,17 190 mm MW U-value 0,17

U-value = u-value measured in W/(m²K) - refers to the stated insulation thicknesses

Load bearing capacity

Both on the ground floor and upper floors, the PLUS Line has increased floor loads.
Floor load ground floor:   Floor load top floors:  
max. load capacity 4.0 kN/m² (400 kg/m²) max. load capacity 3.0 kN/m² (300 kg/m²)

Characteristic snow load on the floor:   wind load Vref  
Sk = 2.5 kN/m² (250 kg/m²)
Form coefficient 𝜇=0.8 (𝑠=𝜇1∗𝑠𝑘=2.0 𝑘𝑁/𝑚2(200 𝑘𝑔/𝑚²)
vref = 27,5 m/s, (100 km/h)
terrain category III

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