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PLUS Line in the municipal sector: modular extension of the primary school in Eggenfelden

The primary school in Eggenfelden is facing an exciting change: in order to teach its pupils in a modern environment in the future, extensive renovation work began last year. To ensure that classes can continue to take place in a comfortable environment during this time, a two-storey PLUS Line facility from CONTAINEX was installed as a temporary solution in cooperation with Berger Baubedarf + Industriebedarf GmbH.
Eggenfelden, Deutschland
Area: 740 m²

The facility consists of 52 of our high-quality and appealing PLUS Line office modules as well as 2 external staircase modules for even more flexibility. High-quality external and internal doors do not only ensure greater security, but also improve concentration during lessons thanks to the excellent sound insulation.

Our windows with 5-chamber plastic profiles, roller shutters with insulated aluminium profiles and ceiling-mounted air conditioning units throughout the facility ensure an optimum indoor environment.

The thermal insulation is also supported by the secondary roof, which was provided by our trading partner Berger Baubedarf + Industriebedarf GmbH.

Our PLUS Line modules set high standards when it comes to designing comfortable and appealing spaces. For the pupils of Eggenfelden, a place has been created where the children feel comfortable and can develop to their full potential.

To ensure safety in the school, high-quality smoke protection doors and fire protection ducts were installed in the corridors. The continuous floor covering and suspended ceiling completely rethink the concept of the simple office container and create a cosy feel.

The solid wood internal staircase emphasises this further and also provides more flexibility within the school. Thanks to the child-friendly equipment options in the sanitary area, the needs of every child are taken into account.

Although the facility is designed as a temporary solution, there are no compromises in terms of comfort and well-being. In a very short space of time, it has become a place to laugh, play, learn and experience.

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