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Waste tank

Waste tank

The waste tank completes the CONTAINEX product range and is suitable for a 8', 10' or 20' sanitary cabinIt is available in shades similar to all RAL colours* and can therefore be integrated perfectly. The optional 4-tread galvanised stairs with a handrail on both sides is the ideal addition.

*We do not accept liability for colour variations to RAL tones.


  • Compatible with 8', 10' or 20' sanitary cabin

  • Capacity up to 7 m³
  • Robust interior paintwork (Bitumen coating, thickness: 200 μm)
  • Painted in shades similar to RAL colours*
  • Optional 4-tread galvanised stairs with a handrail on both sides available

Type 8' 10' 20'
Length 1.395 mm 2.989 mm 6.055 mm
Total length 1.596 mm 3.177 mm 6.250 mm
Width  2.435 mm
Height  690 mm
Tare 410 kg
710 kg 1.100 kg
Capacity up to 1.5 m³
up to 3.5 m2
up to 7 m³
forklift pocket distance 950 mm
Clear opening of fork lift pockets  290 mm x 90 mm
Inner diameter of inlet opening 950 mm

Technical description

Waste tank
  1. Inspection flap
  2. Forklift pocket
  3. Inlet opening with chain-secured plastic cover
  4. Vent pipe
  5. 2-way flange ball valve 4" made of brass, 1 PC (omission optional)
  6. Level indicator with replaceable inspection tube
Waste tank
Waste tank
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