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Storage container

Storage container

  • Resilient CDC paint
  • Storage of up to 10 tons possible
  • Security and electrical fittings
Are you looking for mobile storage space? Do you need a material store for the construction site or additional storage space? Our storage containers are the ideal solution for any requirement, especially when things have to be done quickly and you need individual and tailor-made products. At CONTAINEX you will find high-quality and robust storage containers that you can buy new or used or, optionally, rent for a period of time.

Buy a storage container: product selection

6’ Storage container
6’ Storage container
1,980 x 1,970 x 1,910 mm
Storage container 8'
8’ Storage container
2,438 x 2,200 x 2,260 mm
Storage container 9ft
9’ Storage container
2,931 x 2,200 x 2,260 mm
Storage container 10'
10’ Storage container
2,991 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm
Storage container 15'
15’ Storage container
4,550 x 2,200 x 2,260 mm
20’ Storage container
20’ Storage container
6,058 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm
5’ Mover-Box
5’ Mover-Box
2,200 x 1,600 x 2,445 mm
Below you will only see a small selection of the products from our storage container range. As a leading specialist for mobile space systems, CONTAINEX does not provide you with mass-produced goods, but solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. For a cabin specifically tailored to your needs, send us an enquiry and we will create a suitable offer.

Current offers

As a leading specialist for mobile space and storage systems, at CONTAINEX we stand for bespoke solutions tailored specifically to your needs, which we configure specifically for you as required. Here you can see a selection of finished products from our storage container range.


For more information on our product range and solutions tailored specifically to your needs, please send us a direct enquiry. Based on your wishes, we will create the right offer for you.

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Buy a storage container from CONTAINEX - these are your benefits

With us you get everything under one roof: from advice to finance and assembly to the availability of spare parts and repairs. CONTAINEX is your reliable partner and specialist in customised solutions - and has been for more than 40 years. As a WALTER GROUP company, we are one of the leading container and cabin manufacturers with depots throughout Europe.
More than 40 years of experience
Personal on site advice
Own European production
Europe-wide depot network
Buy-back guarantee
Environmentally-friendly production
Go Green - our planet is important to us - for this reason we pursue sustainable production and offer a container buy-back option to save resources.

Buy or rent storage containers

For long-term use you can buy new storage containers from CONTAINEX or you can opt for a used storage container. You do not need to compromise on quality: with the TOP USED certificate we guarantee the highest quality and testing standards for selected containers.

Do you need a practical temporary solution? Perfect, because you can also rent our storage containers! Simply send us a rental enquiry and we will deal with the planning and execution of your ideas.

Product information about CONTAINEX storage containers

Here you will find all the important information about our storage containers, such as available sizes, payload or extras. We will also answer any questions you may have about delivery and assembly.

Your container storage: sizes, payload & load capacity

Our storage containers range from 6 to 20 foot with a payload of 2 to 10 tonnes. For anyone who wants to create compact self-storage or a material store in a very small space, we offer the practical Mover-Box®.

Available sizes & Dimensions

    LC 6'   LC 8'   LC 9'   LC 10'   LC 15'   LC 20'  
Max. payload (kg)   2,000   3,500   8,500   10,000   5,000   10,000  
Max. floor load (kg/m²)   600   750   1,500   1,500   550   750  
Max. lifting weight at 1.5g (kg )   -   2,300   5,600   6,500   3,350   6,500  
Max. stacking weight (kg)   -   6,500   13,250   15,400   9,500   17,000  
Characteristic snow load on the ground (kg/m²)   Sk = 2.5 kN/m² (250 kg/m²)
Form coefficient µ = 0.8 (s=µ1 * Sk = 2.0 kN/m² (200 kg/m²))
Max. point load in the centre of the roof (30x30cm; kg)   150  
Stacking   not stackable   max. 3 high   max. 3 high   max. 3 high   max. 3 high   max. 3 high  

Product folder and technical descriptions

Extras for storage containers

In addition to various sizes, our storage containers offer you numerous extras internally as well as externally.
Burglar alarm
Lock box

Our lock box is a simple and effective solution for storing different materials safely.

  • Ideal protection for a padlock
  • Made of robust construction steel (welded)
  • Painted in cabin colour
Windows and doors
Windows and doors Make more of your container than just a simple storage room. By integrating windows and doors, your container can be individually adapted to your requirements.

You have the following options:
  • Window with tilt & turn mechanism and grille
  • Double doors
  • Steel external doors
  • Can be combined with dividing grille
Security fittings
Security fittings

If you want to be on the safe side, our storage containers with additional security fittings are the right choice for you.

  • Only 1 locking bar on the active leaf - for easy opening and closing
  • 2 internal locking bolts
  • Internal security lock with lock cylinder
  • 4 internal anti-jemmy protections
Storage container with second double door
Second double door Turn the back wall of your storage container into a second entrance.

  • Second entrance into the container
  • Creation of 2 separate spaces possible using a partition grille
  • Available for many storage container sizes
Ventilation grille
Ventilation grille Provide additional, appropriate ventilation in your container. Our ventilation grille set consists of 2 ventilation grilles, one of which is placed at the top of the back wall and one at the bottom of the container door. This guarantees optimal air circulation in the storage container.
Sectional door
Sectional door

Save space with an easy-to-open sectional door

  • Smooth, manual opening
  • Locks by means of a burglar-resistant latch lock and turning handle with steel cylinder
  • Robust surface (woodgrain)
  • Robust design thanks to sheet metal on both sides and 42 mm PU foam
  • Available in various colours: RAL 5010, RAL 9010, RAL 7035
  • Available for LC 10' and LC 20'
Distribution box with integrated sockets
Electrical fittings Make more of your storage or material container - with the right electrical equipment, a versatile use is possible, e.g. as a mobile workshop.

The following equipment options are available:
  • Distribution box with integrated sockets
    - 1 x socket 400 V / 5-pin / 16 A
    - 2 x socket 230 V / 3-pin / 13 A
  • Recessed CEE external connections
  • Damp room electrics
  • Light fittings
  • Light switch in the door
Shelving system
Shelving system The perfect accessory for your individual storage space. Make optimal use of your storage container's capacity and use a shelving system for orderly storage. Order straight away and have it delivered pre-assembled or order as an assembly kit and fit it into an existing storage container.
Tool holder
Tool holder Quickly find your tools - our tool holder gives each of your tools a fixed place. The additional safety chains guarantee optimal protection during transport.
Partition grille
Partition grille If you want to keep different goods clearly separated, this grille is the proven solution.

  • Division of the storage space into separate areas
  • Individual positioning possible
  • Ideal in combination with a second double door or an additional single entrance door.
Plywood floor
Floor CONTAINEX storage containers are equipped with a plywood floor as standard.
The 21 mm thick floor is particularly strong and durable.
The resin coating on both sides makes it moisture-resistant and dirt-repellent.


As an option, you can have a steel floor built into your storage container – this is particularly slip-resistant thanks to the diamond plate.

Lashing rail
Lashing rail Securing your load can be that simple!

Our lashing bars are attached to the long and short sides, making it even easier to secure loads with straps.

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For more information or general questions about storage containers, please get in touch with your personal contact. Comprehensive support and competent service are very important to us!

Delivery and assembly of your storage container

We ensure that delivery is as space-saving and efficient as possible: we deliver our storage containers as a set when transporting. This does not only save space and CO2, but also reduces costs for you!


Storage containers do not have to be assembled because they come to you fully assembled and ready for immediate use!

LC set example (LC 10’ + 8’ + 6’)

Areas of application and extensions of storage containers

Our storage containers can be used in a variety of ways: From practical material containers on construction sites, to the storage of equipment and construction materials, to external file storage. 

Extensions are also easily achievable: whether for tailor-made modular buildings or an addition of a portable cabin or sanitary cabin - we offer the right cabin for each of your projects.

Completed Projects

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CONTAINEX: Your partner when it comes to storage containers

Do you need more storage space at short notice or are you looking for a long-term storage option that is high-quality, readily available and equipped with various burglary protection options? Then a storage container or a Mover-Box® from CONTAINEX is the best choice for you. It is best to send us your non-binding enquiry and see for yourself - CONTAINEX is the solution for mobile space systems and has been for more than 40 years!

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Does a storage container require a permit?

Yes. In most cases, the installation of a cabin or container is subject to approval. Whether it is a construction project that requires approval or notification depends on the size and purpose of the cabin or container. However, this can vary as building regulations differ from country to country. A submission plan may be required. To be on the safe side with your project, you need to contact the responsible authority e.g. building authority, municipality, city, etc.

How much does a storage container cost?

Unfortunately, general information cannot be given at this point. Which options or possibilities of tax deduction you are eligible for must be clarified with your tax advisor.

What is a storage container?

A storage container is a flexible, additional storage space and a practical solution for more space. It can be used, amongst other things, as a storage facility on a construction site, to store equipment or files.

How big is a storage container?

A storage container can be 6 to 20 foot long. As well as these options, there is also the Mover-Box® with a compact volume of 7 m3. For further information, take a look at our storage container page.

How many kg can you put into a storage container?

Our storage containers can hold up to 10,000 kg.
Office and sanitary box
Supplementary container types