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Sanitary box

Office and sanitary box

  • Fresh water instead of chemicals
  • Robust construction
  • High-quality insulation
The CONTAINEX office and sanitary box is more than just a box. Thanks to its compact and robust design, it can be used in many different ways - as a ticket booth at events or as an additional WC unit on company premises. It can be individually adapted to your requirements and used as an office or sanitary module. Both versions are delivered assembled and are therefore ready to use straight away.

Everything you need to know about office & sanitary boxes: available sizes & equipment

Regardless of whether you are looking for an additional sanitary unit or a compact space solution for your factory reception, we have the right cabin for you! Our office & sanitary boxes are available in different sizes and with numerous equipment options, therefore, it can be used flexibly as a space solution and can also be tailored to your requirements.

Available types and sizes

20’ CONTAINEX BASIC line Transpack
5’ Office box
1,200 x 1,400 x 2,540 mm
8' Sanitary box
5’ Sanitary box
1,200 x 1,400 x 2,540 mm
20’ Portable office container CONTAINEX BASIC Line
8’ Office box
2,400 x 1,400 x 2,540 mm
8’ Sanitary box
8’ Sanitary box
2,400 x 1,400 x 2,540 mm
8' Waste tank
8' Waste tank
1.395 x 2.435 x 690 mm

Office and sanitary box: Construction

Even with our smallest cabin type, we rely on the tried-and-tested CONTAINEX panel system. You determine, for example, where window and door panels are placed and can therefore optimally adapt them to your requirements.

Numerous equipment options for the office & sanitary box

In order to be able to respond flexibly to your requirements, various equipment options are available for the office & sanitary box. In order to be able to optimally adapt your office box to your requirements, you can choose from the following equipment options:

Equipment options for the compact & robust office box

In order to be able to optimally adapt your office box to your requirements, you can choose from the following equipment options:

  • Various floor covers such as e.g. aluminium chequer plate
  • Various window options: standard office windows or windows with speak through and passing through hatch.

But that is not all, you can also adapt the interior according to your requirements and insert a partition wall, for example. Last but not least, the office box can also be painted in the colour of your choice.

Office and sanitary box
WC box

Equipment options for the clean sanitary box

When it comes to your additional sanitary requirements, one thing is clear: with the CONTAINEX sanitary box you get a clean solution that relies on fresh water instead of chemicals. Thanks to the large number of equipment options, it can be perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Wash hand basin
  • Standard WC or urinal
  • Shower cubicle with curtain

You can also choose from two options when it comes to floor covers: non-slip floor cover or tough aluminium chequer plate. In addition, your sanitary box can be painted to your choice and thus fits perfectly into your surroundings.

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Financing options for your office and sanitary box

Both the office and the sanitary box can be purchased, rented or leased. Let our staff advise you without obligation in finding the right financing option for you by filling out the contact form.
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CONTAINEX: The first choice for mobile space solutions

You can feel confident, because we rely on well-founded know-how and expertise. We offer you the best service in the provision of cabins, containers and mobile space solutions and have done so for more than 40 years. So that we can guarantee you a consistently high product quality, control and improvement processes take place continuously throughout our production. Thanks to GREEN technology, we also save more than 50,000 tons of CO2 per year compared to standard European products!
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The office and sanitary box is the compact and robust solution for immediate use. Regardless of whether you need a ticket office or an additional sanitary unit, this is the right one for you. See for yourself and send us a non-binding enquiry now!

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