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Design options

Depending on the project, various layout options and accessories for portable cabins and accommodation units are available. Thus, you can customise the indoor and outdoor area according to your requirements.


When it comes to quality, we do not compromise. Our high-quality paint is particularly resistant and durable. Give your portable cabin a unique look by choosing your preferred colour from the CTX-RAL chart.


Your portable cabin in a corporate design - made possible through the use of decals
The decals are made according to your requirements*, from high-quality and durable material. The fitting in the production process guarantees a perfect appearance.

*Initial order requires technical specifications.

Fascia and canopy


Create a visual highlight with a fascia - in a contrasting colour or tone in tone. Combine with a canopy to give your entrance area that finishing touch.

Canopy options:

  • Installation on long or short side
  • With or without supports
  • Painting according to CTX-RAL chart

Interior fittings

Portable cabin interior view

Practical - attractive - convenient: we offer a variety of high-quality interior fittings to suit your requirements.

Choose from different options:

  • Internal finish white or light oak
  • Selection of floor covers
  • Energy-saving LED lighting
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Sockets, light switch, mini kitchen, etc.


Full glazing with skylights
Decide on one of our various glazing options and define the functionality and character of your cabin. In order to meet your specific requirements, the portable cabins and accommodation units can be delivered with the following types of glazing:

  • Toughened safety glass - ESG
  • Laminated safety glass - VSG
  • Heat-strengthened glass

Choose from our extensive combination options!

Safety equipment

window and door grille
For external security, we recommend special window and door grilles including a safety lock and aluminium roller shutters with anti-lift protection.

Fire protection design

Fire protection
The flexible fire protection system for single cabins or modular buildings meets the highest fire resistance classes and offers you enormous protection.



There are several thermal insulation options available for roof, wall and floor.

  • High-quality insulation materials
  • Best U-values
  • Pleasant indoor climate
  • Low energy costs


roof insulation   floor insulation  
100 mm MW U-value 0,36 60 mm MW U-value 0,55
140 mm MW U-value 0,23 100 mm MW U-value 0,36
100 mm PU U-value 0,20 100 mm PU U-value 0,20
140 mm PU U-value 0,15 with an additional 100mm PU foam base U-value ab 0,16
60 mm PU + 40 mm SW U-value 0,25

wall insulation

window and door insulation
60 mm MW U-value 0,57 window glass insulated with gas filling U-value 1,10
100 mm MW U-value 0,35 Triple glazing U-value 0,70
60 mm PU U-value 0,38 external door 875x2125mm U-value 1,80
110mmPIR U-value 0,20 external door 1000x2125 mm
U-value 1,70
60 mm SW U-value 0,65
110 mm SW U-value 0,35

U-value = u-value measured in W/(m²K) - refers to the stated insulation thicknesses

Energy saving options

In addition to our high-quality thermal insulation and triple glazing, we offer a variety of equipment options which protect the environment and save you money.

The following are available:

  • Electrical convector heater or fan heater with digital control
  • Central heating control
  • Hot water heating
  • Motion and presence detector
  • Roller shutter box with insulation wedge
  • LED category 2 light fitting

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