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Storage container

Design options

More than just a simple storage room. Our storage container is universally applicable and provide various equipment options and accessories. Thus, you create a customised interior and exterior according to your needs.


The storage containers and material containers from CONTAINEX impress with particularly resistant and environmentally-friendly paintwork. In the first step, zinc phosphate coating and priming using Cathodic Dip Coating (CDC) are carried out. The colour coat is then applied using powder coating. The paintwork has a high corrosion and UV resistance, which subsequently results in perfect paint adhesion. You can choose from a variety of colours according to the CTX-RAL chart.


Your storage containers in a corporate design - our decals make it possible!
The decals are produced according to your requirements* from high-quality and durable material. Application during the production process guarantees a perfect appearance.

*Initial order requires technical specifications.

Windows and doors

Windows and doors
Make more of your container than just a simple storage room. By integrating windows and doors, your container can be individually adapted to your requirements.

You have the following options:
  • Window with tilt & turn mechanism and grille
  • Double doors
  • Steel external doors
  • Can be combined with dividing grille

Sectional door

Storage container with sectional door
Benefit now from our new practical sectional door. By eliminating the container doors, you can use your container saving even more space. Our sectional door is available in proven CONTAINEX quality for LC 10' and LC 20' and can be painted individually.

Electrical fittings

Distribution box with integrated sockets
Make more of your storage or material container - with the right electrical equipment, a versatile use is possible, e.g. as a mobile workshop.

The following equipment options are available:
  • Distribution box with integrated sockets
    - 1 x socket 400 V / 5-pin / 16 A
    - 2 x socket 230 V / 3-pin / 13 A
  • Recessed CEE external connections
  • Damp room electrics
  • Light fittings
  • Light switch in the door

Burglar alarm

Burglar alarm
Our sophisticated burglary protection device, made of robust, galvanised steel, is your ideal burglary protection for a padlock. The burglary protection device can be installed in the factory but also retro-fitted and can be used in combination with the security fittings.

Security fittings

Security fittings
If you want to be on the safe side, our storage containers with an extensive security package are the right choice for you.

The security package consists of:
  • Only 1 locking bar on the active leaf - for easy opening and closing
  • 2 internal locking bolts
  • Internal security lock with lock cylinder
  • 4 internal anti-jemmy protections

Ventilation grille

Ventilation grille
Provide additional, appropriate ventilation in your container. Our ventilation grille set consists of 2 ventilation grilles, one of which is placed at the top of the back wall and one at the bottom of the container door. This guarantees optimal air circulation in the storage container.


Plywood floor

CONTAINEX storage containers are equipped with a plywood floor as standard. The 21 mm thick floor is particularly strong and durable. The resin coating on both sides makes it moisture-resistant and dirt-repellent.

As an option, you can have a steel floor built into your storage container – this is particularly slip-resistant thanks to the diamond plate.

Shelving system

Shelving system
The perfect accessory for your individual storage space. Make optimal use of your storage container's capacity and use a shelving system for orderly storage. Order straight away and have it delivered pre-assembled or order as an assembly kit and fit it into an existing storage container.

Tool holder

Tool holder
Quickly find your tools - our tool holder gives each of your tools a fixed place. The additional safety chains guarantee optimal protection during transport.

Second double door

Storage container with second double door
Turn the back wall of your storage container into a second entrance.

  • Second entrance into the container
  • Creation of 2 separate spaces possible using a partition grille
  • Available for many storage container sizes

Partition grille

partition grille
If you want to keep different goods clearly separated, this grille is the proven solution.

  • Division of the storage space into separate areas
  • Individual positioning possible
  • Ideal in combination with a second double door or an additional single entrance door.

Lashing bar

Lashing rail
Securing your load can be that simple!

Our lashing bars are attached to the long and short sides, making it even easier to secure loads with straps.

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