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Shipping container

Shipping container

  • Certified by Bureau Veritas
  • Burglary protection through standard Lock-Box
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Shipping containers, also called overseas containers, deep-sea containers or freight containers, offer ideal space solutions if you are looking for storage for trade fairs, business, or a construction site. They are also perfect for transporting goods overseas. We offer 20 and 40 foot shipping containers with various equipment options. Read on and find the container that perfectly suits your needs!

Overseas containers: Available types and sizes

Our shipping containers are available in sizes 20 and 40 feet as standard. They are available in the High Cube and Dry Van designs. The table below shows which container sizes (L/W/H) we offer. The table below shows which container sizes (L/W/H) we offer. In addition to the external dimensions, you will also find the internal dimensions and weights of the containers listed.

Available types and sizes

Our shipping containers are available in 4 different sizes in the Dry-Van and High Cube designs.
20’ DV CONTAINEX shipping container
20’ DV Shipping container
6,058 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm
20’ HC CONTAINEX shipping container
20’ HC Shipping container
6,058 x 2,438 x 2,896 mm
40’ DV CONTAINEX shipping container
40’ DV Shipping container
12,192 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm
40’ HC CONTAINEX shipping container
40’ HC Shipping container
12,192 x 2,438 x 2,896 mm

The containers are available in various sizes as well as different designs, which we have summarised for you here. This way you will know which types are available at all if you are thinking of renting or buying a shipping container.

  • DV (Dry Van) shipping containers are closed on all sides. The doors are at the front.
  • HC (High Cube) containers are a little higher; they are similar to the Dry Van containers, but have more volume..

So much for the construction of your shipping container. And what about the interior and exterior fittings? What options are there with regards to safety, appearance and organisational systems?

Equipment options for shipping containers

As with the portable cabins and sanitary solutions from CONTAINEX, you can have your shipping container customised. We can provide the following options::

  • 28 mm plywood flooring made of environmentally friendly bamboo (Australian grade)
  • Non-slip finish
  • Corten steel sheets (anti-corrosive)
  • Forged and galvanised door locking bars
  • Burglary protection through standard Lock-Box

For more inspiration on fitting out freight containers, take a look at our shipping container brochure or get in touch with one of our staff!

Shipping container

Buy or rent freight containers: Info on financing options

As an expert on mobile space solutions, we also offer several terms to make it easy to obtain our containers. Cabins from CONTAINEX can be purchased, rented or leased depending on the time period they are required for and the budget. Get no-obligation advice from a member of our staff on the best financing option for your needs by filling out the contact form.

Shipping containers - new or used?

A shipping or freight container does not always need to be new - on the contrary! Our used shipping containers are extremely popular with our customers. In addition to the most commonly used 20' and 40' box containers, we also offer High Cube containers for sale.

Used shipping containers can be used in many different ways:

  • Tyre and material storage
  • As a storage facility at a trade fair
  • As a mobile garage
  • Or as a transport container

If you have any questions about alternative types of containers, such as "Open Top", and for more information about the CSC label (International Convention for Safe Containers), please feel free to contact our staff who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your shipping container.


Request a no-obligation quote for your shipping container now!

Do you need a permanent, secure and weatherproof storage facility? Or an additional storage or dispatch warehouse? Our shipping containers fit the bill! At CONTAINEX, in addition to various types, sizes and fittings, you have the choice of a new or used container. Send us a no-obligation enquiry and our staff will be happy to provide you with expert advice on the most suitable option for you.

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How much does a cabin or container cost?

A suitable space solution in the form of a site accommodation unit is put together individually and according to your requirements (number and type of cabins/containers, new or used, equipment options, transport routes, etc.). Our Sales Managers always strive to find the solution that is the best value for money for you. Simply send us your enquiry with your specific ideas.

What is the height of a shipping container?

A Dry Van container is 2591 mm high; a High Cube container is 2896 mm high.

How much does a shipping container weigh?

The weight varies between 2050 kg and 3700 kg depending on size.

What is the width of a shipping container?

The external width of a shipping container is 2438 mm.

What is the size of a shipping container?

CONTAINEX offers 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers.

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