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Flexible PLUS feel good with our CONTAINEX PLUS Line

With the PLUS Line, CONTAINEX is completely redefining containers. The first-class equipment makes feel-good rooms possible, where people can work intensively but also play happily.

The royal class in cabin construction is an ideal room solution for the highest demands. Thanks to the modular construction, high-quality offices are just as possible as child-friendly nurseries or stylish sales rooms.

What all PLUS Line modules have in common is their first-class equipment. Floors as well as roof and walls convince with U-values of up to 0.14 or 0.17 m² and thus create CO2 savings of up to 65% compared to European standard products. The insulating glazing and windows with a 5-chamber profile are also designed for maximum energy efficiency. External venetian blinds and other shading options protect against heat inside.

Heeft u de geschikte container nog niet gevonden?

Wij bij CONTAINEX hebben de optimale ruimteoplossing passend bij uw individuele behoefte. Wij adviseren u graag en helpen u de juiste container die voldoet aan uw eisen te vinden. Stuur ons nu uw vrijblijvende aanvraag!

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