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TOP USED - Buy a used cabin or container

  • Immediately available
  • Portable cabins, sanitary cabins, storage and shipping containers, etc.
  • Well-defined quality and testing standards

Looking for a used cabin or container? We have the right solution for you! You will find high-quality used CONTAINEX cabins and containers under the TOP USED umbrella brand. They are readily available and in perfect condition.


CONTAINEX offers you a wide range of used portable cabins, storage containers, sanitary cabins and shipping containers. Thanks to our well-organised distribution network, used cabins and containers are readily available in more than 15 European countries. If you buy an old cabin or container you will not have to accept any loss of quality. We guarantee this - among other things - with our TOP USED certificate.

"TOP USED" identifies high-quality used CONTAINEX cabins and modular buildings and guarantees the defined quality and test standards.

  • 360° quality check
  • Specific preparation
  • Original accessories and long-term spare parts warranty
  • Own European production

In summary, the following can be said: When you buy a used cabin or container, you do not only save costs but also valuable resources and, furthermore, you use them efficiently. 

For current offers, it is best to sign up to our offer subscription so that you never miss a cabin or container bargain!

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Buying used cabins and containers: our offer for you

Among other things, we offer individual cabins such as shower cabins, additional cabin types such as staircase modules or entire modular buildings. Here you will find an overview of our offers for used cabins and containers.

Current offers

Used cabins and containers - your benefits

At CONTAINEX you benefit from numerous advantages that are unique in the cabin and container industry. Our cabins and containers are manufactured in our own production facilities, within Europe, according to high quality guidelines.

This is why you can be sure that not only are our distribution network and our depots a stone's throw away, but the materials used and the production facilities themselves also meet the highest standards. The same applies to our highly trained employees and our customer service.
More than 40 years of experience
Personal on site advice
Own European production
Europe-wide depot network
Buy-back guarantee
Environmentally-friendly production

Additionally to the 40 years of experience in the cabin and container trade, we can also rely on the expertise of the WALTER GROUP. As a result, you benefit from expertise, innovation, quality and top-class know-how.

In addition to the high quality and requirements for customer satisfaction, to which we are committed, we can also supply various certificates such as GREEN technology and our SHEQ Management.

Buy-back guarantee for CONTAINEX cabins and containers

Would you like to sell your used cabin or container, which you bought from us? Then we have a solution: We would be happy to buy back your used cabin or container to make the transaction easier for you. You benefit in many ways, namely from:

  • Secure and fast payment
  • Quick disamantling and removal
  • Simple and quick processing
  • An inspection on site - by appointment
  • A fair valuation of the used cabin or container

Buy-back guarantee applies to reusable containers/cabins in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom; limited to a maximum of 20 years. Beyond that by separate agreement.

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Possible uses of used cabins and containers

For example, a used shipping container can be used as additional storage. Even sanitary cabins and WC cabins still serve their purpose after a thorough and hygienic cleaning.

In any case, used cabins and containers are an option that saves costs. Depending on your personal needs, a new purchase can also be interesting, in which your needs can be addressed even more individually! Let our competent employees advise you.

Buy used cabins and containers and save costs!

A cabin, regardless of whether it is a sanitary cabin or portable cabin, is the ideal choice when it comes to high-quality cabins from CONTAINEX. If you decide to buy a used cabin or container, you will save on costs and resources but not on quality. Therefore, either register for our special offer subscription or send us a non-binding enquiry on the subject of used cabins and containers!

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