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Hire cabins

Hire cabins

CONTAINEX is the right partner when it comes to temporary space requirements. Our cabins and containers can be hired individually or as a complete building, short-term or over a longer period. Whether you are looking for a space solution during a refurbishment or for an event, we have it! A Europe-wide depot network and the cooperation with trading partners guarantee the prompt use of our hire cabins and containers for your individual requirements. See for yourself!

Available hire units

Thanks to our cabin and container hire, we always offer the right solution in terms of mobile space systems. The following cabin and container types are available at CONTAINEX for hire.
10' Portable office container Drawing
10' Portable office container
2,989 x 2,435 x 2,800 mm
20' Portable office container Drawing
20' Portable office container
6,055 x 2,435 x 2,800 mm
10' Sanitary cabin Drawing
10' Portable toilet cabins and sanitary cabins
2,989 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
Sanitary cabin 20' Drawing
20' Portable toilet cabins and sanitary cabins
6,055 x 2,435 x 2,800 mm
8'WC cabin Drawing
8' WC box
2,400 x 1,400 x 2,540 mm
10' storage container Drawing
10' Storage container
2,991 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm
Storage container 20' Drawing
20' Storage container
6,058 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm
10' WC cabin Drawing
10' WC cabin
2,989 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
20' WC cabin Drawing
20' WC cabin
6,055 x 2,435 x 2,800 mm
All of our hire cabins and containers can be requested as individual modules or rented in combination, or as an entire modular building if required. So you can easily connect portable cabins, sanitary cabins and storage containers together and combine different containers and modules according to your precise wishes and ideas.

Cabin and container rental: equipment and accessories for rent

At CONTAINEX not only can you find the right hire cabin or container for your needs, we also rent out suitable equipment!

Swivel chair
Stackable chair
Double locker
Set of a table and 2 benches
Filing cabinet
Mini kitchen
Air conditioner
convector heater
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Planning examples for your hire cabin

Regardless of whether you want to use your 20 ft portable cabin as a double office with two separate entrances or want to combine a modular building with a mini kitchen and sanitary cabin to ensure comfort even on a construction site - CONTAINEX sets hardly any limits for you and your project when it comes to planning examples

Thanks to the flexible construction, our modules can be combined to create complex space solutions. You can determine the room layout and equipment to meet your needs. The interchangeable wall panels open up countless possibilities. Simply send us a rental enquiry and we will deal with the planning and execution of your ideas.

Planning examples

Hire containers: The unique CONTAINEX sales network

The fast and smooth availability of mobile space solutions is especially necessary if needs arise at short notice. With a unique depot and sales network and cooperation with various partners, we guarantee quick and prompt availability of your requested hire cabins.
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Europe-wide depot network

Your advantages when it comes to hire cabins and containers with CONTAINEX as your partner

As a WALTER GROUP company, CONTAINEX is very familiar with handling projects of all sizes, and has been for more than 40 years. We are so successful in this due to the fact that, among other things, we only use products and production methods that offer the highest quality. Because our hire cabins and containers are manufactured exclusively in our own production plants in Europe!

  • We offer personal on-site consultations in your native language
  • Thanks to a rental fleet of more than 30,000 units, CONTAINEX hire cabins and containers are immediately available for you and your project
  • Thanks to GREEN technology, we also save more than 50,000 tons of CO2 per year compared to standard European products
  • You can choose from a variety of rental furniture and rental accessories that you can order in addition to the hire cabin
  • Versatile and long-lasting use is ensured due to the use of resilient materials in production

Our Customers


Not only is it quick and easy to enquire about a hire cabin or container from CONTAINEX, returning the cabin to us as a partner is also easy. You can simply register the return of your hire cabin or container online which saves valuable time. All you need to do is fill out the hire cabin/container return form and we will look after the rest!


CONTAINEX hire cabins and containers: definitely the best choice

Whether as an office building, staff accommodation, show room, canteen, common room or construction office: your options are unlimited thanks to CONTAINEX! After more than 40 years in this industry, we know how to inspire customers with well thought-out solutions, regardless of whether you are looking for a hire cabin or container, an entire modular building or a cabin or container to buy. But it is best to see for yourself - send us a non-binding rental enquiry now!

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Does a hire cabin need to be cleaned before returning it?

Yes. Otherwise we will charge you for the final cleaning.

Who is liable for damage to the hire cabin?

The hirer is liable for all damage from burglary to force of nature. However, you can insure your hire cabin yourself!

How long can I rent a hire cabin?

As long as you want, because there is no maximum rental period. We respond to customerss' needs individually with each project. The minimum rental period is 60 days.

Is it cheaper to rent a hire cabin for a longer period of time?

At CONTAINEX we do not offer standard prices, because we always work out a tailor-made offer that meets your precise requirements. It is, therefore, worthwhile to send us a non-binding enquiry.

Can I pay the rent in advance for the agreed rental period?

At CONTAINEX, billing is very individual and depends heavily on the creditworthiness of our customers as well as the size of the modular building and the number of hire cabins/containers.

Do I have to insure a hire cabin/container?

You can decide that for yourself. CONTAINEX does not require you to insure the hire cabins/containers.

How long does the delivery of CONTAINEX hire cabins/containers take?

It always depends on the availability in the CONTAINEX depots and the place of delivery. To do this, please contact us!

Are door locks also rented with the cabins?

Hire cabins have built-in plastic locks that can be locked with a skeleton key as standard. If you prefer cylinder locks, you will have to provide one yourself!

Can I rent an air conditioning unit for a cabin?

Yes, you can rent an air conditioning unit.

Can I also rent furniture if I rent a cabin?

Yes, we offer various rental furniture and accessories. To check out details it is best to take a look at our hire cabin page.

Is it possible to buy a cabin/container after renting it?

This is possible under certain circumstances, but only in consultation with us.

Do I have to indicate if I want to rent a cabin/container longer than agreed?

No. The rental period is automatically extended until we receive a cancellation.

Can I rent a cabin/container including storage space?

No. But we can provide you with a self-storage contact who can make this possible.

New and used
Used cabins and containers