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BASIC Line Container

Portable office container BASIC Line

  • Robust construction
  • Price advantage due to optimised design
  • Available immediately due to stock production

In addition to our proven product range, we now offer our portable cabin 20' in the new CONTAINEX BASIC Line. The perfect introduction to modular design. You don't have to do without the accustomed product quality of CONTAINEX. Pre-defined equipment with in-built electrics paired with pre-production allow a huge price advantage. The CONTAINEX BASIC Line portable cabin is suitable as a "monoblock" for any construction site, as a temporary common room or as an office extension.

Everything you need to know about the CONTAINEX BASIC Line

If you are looking for an inexpensive cabin solution for immediate use, then we have the right product: the CONTAINEX BASIC Line. This is available as a 20 foot module and with defined standard equipment. This line also incorporates our flexible panel system, meaning the placement of walls can be freely defined.

BASIC Line: Available types and sizes

20’ CONTAINEX BASIC line Transpack
BASIC Line Transpack
6,055 x 2,435 x 2,800 mm
20’ Portable office container CONTAINEX BASIC Line
20’ BASIC Line Portable office container
6,055 x 2,435 x 2,800 mm
20' BASIC Line with door and window
20' BASIC Line with door and window
6,055 x 2,435 x 2,800 mm
You can find further information in the technical description

Flexible panel system

With the CONTAINEX BASIC Line you also benefit from the flexible modular design. You can determine where the door, window and electric panels are placed.
blank full panel CONTAINEX CLASSIC Line
Full panel with electrics
Door panel
Window panel

Equipment in the CONTAINEX BASIC Line

This special line has the CONTAINEX certification with optimised equipment. This means that you can also benefit from suitable equipment options when choosing this range.


The exterior finish is two-tone: the frame is RAL 9002 grey white and the panels are RAL 7035 light grey.


The CONTAINEX BASIC Line is available with white interior decor, grey floor cover and surface-mounted electrics including lighting and sockets as standard.

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BASIC Line: Financing

We offer you various options such as purchasing, renting or leasing to finance your new CONTAINEX BASIC Line portable cabin. Simply send us a non-binding enquiry - we are happy to advise you and find the right solution for you.
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Transpack cabin

To optimise transport costs, CONTAINEX has developed "flat-pack portable cabins": The so-called "Transpack Container" comes in a flat-pack package and is assembled at the desired destination.

Using this system, up to ten 20' portable cabins or accommodation units including wall elements can be transported on a truck.


Your advantages with CONTAINEX as a partner

We are the right choice if you want to fulfil your additional space requirements with a cabin. With us you benefit from:

  • More than 40 years of experience in the provision of containers, cabins and mobile space solutions
  • More than 250 depots across Europe, which guarantees prompt delivery
  • High quality standards, which are ensured by our own European production plants
  • Resource-saving and environmentally-friendly production, because we save more than 50,000 CO2 per year compared to standard European products thanks to GREEN technology
More than 40 years of experience
GREEN technology
Transpack cabin
Own European production
Personal on site advice
Europe-wide depot network

Make a non-binding enquiry about CONTAINEX BASIC Line now

With us you get the BASIC Line in proven CONTAINEX quality. In addition, thanks to the reduced equipment, it is an inexpensive option and the perfect entry into modular systems. Send us your enquiry!

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