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Terrace module with wooden cladding

Terrace module

Create free space with our terrace modules, which fit perfectly to your modular building or can be used individually. You have a choice of different versions to best meet your requirements. Experience your roofed or open terrace – in proven CONTAINEX quality. All options have a high-quality terrace floor made of grey WPC boards. You can select the color of the paint individually from the CTX-RAL chart.

Terrace including handrail with or without roof

Modular building with roofed terrace module

The flexible handrail and optional roof give you various options when it comes to implementing your terrace. The handrail is 1.1 m high and can be installed separately, enabling an optimal adaptation.

The terrace module with roof is also equipped with the following electrics:

  • Wet room distribution box on the ceiling
  • 2 double light bars
  • Light switches/sockets in the corner posts

20' Terrace module

Length:   Width:  
outward 6,055 mm outward 2,435 mm
inward 5,860 mm inward 2,240 mm

also available with external height 2,591 mm, 2,800 mm, 2,960 mm / internal height 2,325 mm, 2,525 mm, 2,685 mm

Load bearing capacity

Floor loads*:   Snow loads*:  
up to max. 5.00 / 3.00* / 3.00* kN/m² up to max. sk = 2.50* kN/m²

Wind loads:   Handrail loads:  
up to 25 m/s (90 km/h) 1.00 kN/m

*depending on the module underneath, you can get more information from our staff

Terrace module with wooden cladding

20’ Terrace module with wooden cladding

Now our terrace modules can also be equipped with attractive wooden cladding made from Siberian larch, making them the perfect solution for your outdoor area. Ideal for the use as a roofed beer garden, an outdoor break room*, a bus stop or a bike shed.

Choose from high-quality equipment options:

  • WPC floor boards
  • LED wet room lights
  • Optional: preparation for electric heater

*Consultation with the responsible authority is recommended.

20' Terrace module with wooden cladding

Length:   Width:   Height:  
outward 6,055 mm outward 2,435 mm outward 2,800 mm
inward 5,860 mm inward 2,240 mm inward 2,525 mm

Load bearing capacity

Floor load Ground floor:   Characteristic snow load on the ground   Wind load Vref  
up to max. 5.0 kN/m²

up to max. sk = 2.50* kN/m²

Form coefficient µ = 0.8 (s=µ1 * Sk = 2.0 kN/m² (200 kg/m²))

up to max. vb,0 = 25 m/s
can only be used on the ground floor/no safety barrier

You will find further information in the info sheet




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