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20ft container

Due to their dimensions, 20ft containers are very popular container types and are always a good choice if you're looking for a mobile space solution. This applies when used as a portable cabin or storage container, as a sanitary unit or as a freight container for overseas transport. All information about the exact dimensions - internal and external - can be found here.

20ft container: Internal and external dimensions

The external dimensions in millimetres for 20ft containers are 6,055 x 2,435 x 2,591 (L x W x H) in the standard version. There are also 20ft containers in the following alternative height dimensions: 

  • 2.800 mm

  • 2.960 mm

The internal dimensions (L x W x H), also in millimetres, are as follows: 5,860 x 2,240 x 2,340. Alternatively, they can be requested with the following internal floor to ceiling height:

  • 2.540 mm
  • 2.700 mm

These dimensions apply to standard office containers and standard sanitary units.

For 20ft storage containers the dimensions (L x W x H) are as follows:

  • External: 6.058 x 2.438 x 2.591 mm
  • Internal 5.898 x 2.344 x 2.376 mm
20 foot Portable office container 20 foot Sanitary cabin 20 foot Storage container
20 foot Portable office container
10 foot Sanitary cabin
10 foot Storage container

20ft container types: Versatile

20ft containers can be implemented in many combinations and floor plans and can also be stacked at different heights depending on the type of container. In this way, the perfect space solution can be quickly and easily created, wherever it is needed.

A place to retreat on the construction site, an additional material store in the plant or a comfort zone in the form of a sanitary solution in the municipal sector - here you'll find an overview of the 20ft container types from CONTAINEX.

Portable office container

Portable office container

Office space is needed wherever decisions are made and plans are drawn up, in short, wherever projects are put into practice. With a portable cabin you can promptly set up a space and adapt it to your needs.
20 foot Sanitary cabin

Sanitary cabin

Sanitary and toilet cabins that run on fresh water instead of chemicals are always an excellent choice. Here you'll find your 20ft sanitary solution, which you can adapt to your individual needs thanks to CONTAINEX.
Storage container with window and door

Storage container

Are you looking for a mobile storage solution that can be delivered promptly and perfectly meets your needs? From a material store on the construction site to additional storage space in the plant, CONTAINEX storage containers are very popular throughout Europe. See for yourself!

20ft containers for sale or rent: Product information

Here you'll find all the relevant information about the interior and exterior equipment options. In addition, even before you submit your request, you'll find out how delivery and assembly are handled by CONTAINEX. Finally, you'll get an insight into the various design variants.

Equipment options for your 20ft container

20ft containers for sale or rent are available in the CONTAINEX range as portable cabins, storage containers, sanitary cabins and shipping containers. Depending on whether you're requesting a material store in these dimensions or need a common room in the form of a portable cabin, there are various equipment options:

  • Flexible door and window panels
  • Burglar alarm and other security options
  • Various floorings
  • Customised paintwork and decals for new 20ft containers
  • Electrical equipment such as light fittings, CEE external connections or high-voltage sockets
  • Shelving systems
  • Energy saving options that reduce expenses and save resources
Portable office container interior view
This is of course only an overview - for specific enquiries it's best to get in touch with your personal contact person.

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Шмидт Иван
Sales Management
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Delivery and assembly

Depending on requirements, we deliver our containers pre-assembled or as a Transpack Container® package. The containers are then assembled on site and do not only minimise transport costs but are also a CO2-saving delivery option for your flexible office container. The delivery and assembly time varies depending on the equipment and the size of your request. Individual containers are set up within a few hours by our trained team, however, a few days are needed for larger modular buildings.
Container/cabin assembly

Your advantages with CONTAINEX as a partner

CONTAINEX, a WALTER GROUP company, has been successful in container trading and manufacturing for more than 40 years. During this time, we've been able to oversee a wide variety of projects and gain a huge amount of specialist knowledge on mobile space solutions. You benefit from this knowledge and first-class customer service when you choose us as your partner.

  • European container production in our own production facilities
  • Prompt delivery within Europe thanks to our comprehensive sales network
  • Guaranteed, long term availabilty of spare parts
  • Expert advice on financing
  • Environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient production and delivery of our containers
More than 40 years of experience
Personal on site advice
Europe-wide depot network
Own European production
Buy-back guarantee
Environmentally-friendly production
With CONTAINEX as your partner, you can save costs as well as resources. Our high-quality used cabins and containers with the TOP USED certificate are the best choice for you. The used 20ft containers are also subjected to a comprehensive quality check and specifically prepared for further usage.

Enquire now about a 20ft container

Do you need a container with the dimensions 6,055 x 2,435 x 2,591 (L x W x H) that perfectly meets your needs thanks to the individual equipment options? Then a high-quality 20ft container from CONTAINEX is the right choice for you. Our employees will be happy to advise you - in your native language and in person on site. So don't waste time; send us your non-binding enquiry. Together, we'll realise your project in no time at all!

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How big is a 20ft container?

The external dimensions in millimetres for 20ft containers are 6,055 x 2,435 x 2,591 (L x W x H) in the standard version.

    • 800 mm
    • 800 mm

    The internal dimensions (L x W x H), also in millimetres, are as follows: 5,860 x 2,240 x 2,340.

    • 540 mm
    • 700 mm

    How heavy is a 20ft container?

    Depending on the type of container, a 20ft container weighs between 1,270 and 2,350 kg, and the specific weight also depends on the particular design and specification. Here are the specific details for the different and most popular cabin/container types:

    • Storage container 20ft: 1,270 kg
    • Portable cabin from 1,850 kg
    • Sanitary cabin from 2,500 kg

    How long is a 20ft container?

    A 20ft container is 6,055 mm long.

    How many Euro pallets fit into a 20ft container?

    Depending on the arrangement, there is space for between 8 and 11 pallets in a 20ft container. There are two variables to consider: the internal dimensions of the container and the external dimensions of the pallet. A Euro pallet is 1.2 m x 0.8 m (L x W), the container has a usable floor space of 5.90 m x 2.44 m.