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Converted portable cabin as a cash desk

Ticket office and commentator's box

  • Versatile use
  • Individually adaptable
  • Can be used all year round regardless of the weather
Years of experience in providing different module solutions in the event sector have shown us that every requirement is as individual as its need - we will work out the right solution for you!
A safe and efficient processing in the entrance area or when registering is an absolute must - our cabins can meet these requirements in the best possible way. The compact design allows a quick and, more importantly, flexible positioning. The use of our modules as a ticket office and a commentator's box at events has proven its worth.
Your benefits:
  • Different tailor-made options
  • Window with speak-through and hand-through hatch
  • Implementation of turnstiles
  • Different glazing options

Suitable products

Portable office container

Our portable cabins are the optimal solution: different sizes and numerous equipment options make a versatile use possible.
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Portable office container
Portable toilet cabins and sanitary cabins

Office and sanitary box

The compact design of our office and sanitary boxes ensures that they can be used quickly and easily.
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Equipment options

Panel construction

Our proven panel system ensures that your cabin can be set up quickly and easily.

Robust construction

Durable and resistant materials are used in the prodution of our cabins. This also ensures that they can be used at sporting events regardless of the weather.

Glazing options

Different glazing options enable the perfect use for your needs e.g. windows with a hand-through hatch in a ticket office or fixed glazing in commentator's box.

Optimal thermal insulation

High-quality insulation materials ensure optimal insulation, which guarantees an all year round use and a pleasant indoor climate.

Europe-wide depot network

Our Europe-wide network of depots guarantees a fast and cost-effective delivery.


Depending on your requirements, our cabins can be rented, leased or purchased.

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