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 Kindergarten interior view


  • Space to discover
  • Individual exterior and interior design
  • Child-friendly sanitary design
Laughing, playing, learning and experiencing - our little ones can do all this in a space solution from CONTAINEX. The space available can be individually adapted to your needs thanks to our flexible modular system.
Our special design ranges from child-friendly toilets and impact-resistant lights to special glazing options and was developed specifically for these requirements. This helps you to create a safe environment. Our many years of experience in the planning and provision of temporary and permanent nursery solutions guarantee fast and uncomplicated handling with comprehensive support.

Suitable products

Portable office container

The versatility of our modules is clearly demonstrated here: as a group room, play area, cloakroom, etc - more than just a portable cabin.
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Portable office container
Portable toilet cabins and sanitary cabins

Portable toilet cabins and sanitary cabins

Child-friendly sanitary designs - our sanitary solutions also meet this requirement.

Equipment options

Bright rooms

Well-lit rooms? Numerous glazing options that can be individually positioned optimally meet these requirements.

Individual room design

The tried-and-tested CONTAINEX modular design allows for different cabin types to be combined and thus enables different room sizes. In addition, partition walls can be placed individually, enabling a unique room design.

Child-friendly design

We have developed safe and child-friendly designs specifically for the needs of children, such as: child-friendly toilet solutions in the sanitary area.

Pleasant indoor climate

Our cabins are equipped with high-quality insulation materials. This ensures optimal thermal insulation and thus achieves a pleasant indoor climate.

Clean sanitary solutions

Fresh water instead of chemicals - we offer clean and environmentally-friendly sanitary solutions as standard.

Energy saving options

As well as an optimal indoor climate, efficient use is also important. Various options e.g. push taps help keep costs low.

Design options


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