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Supplmentary container types

Supplmentary container types

Our supplementary container and cabin types complete your building. From terrace containers to internal and external staircase modules as well as corridor cabins - discover the large number of options for your modular building. In addition, terrace containers can also be used freestanding.
Modular building

Terrace container

You can assemble our terrace containers as an individual unit or integrate them perfectly into a modular building. The visually appealing and robust design of the terrace container thus creates an additional recreational space for you or your employees.
Modular building

Corridor cabin

You can optimally integrate the corridor cabin into a modular building. This is used to connect different space modules and thus gives your building the right structure.
Modular building

External staircase container

This container type can be used in addition to or instead of an internal staircase cabin. External staircase containers can also be easily adapted at a later date and provide a safe way of accessing higher floors in any season.
Modular building

Internal staircase container

Our internal staircase made of wood is used inside of a 2- or 3-storey modular building.