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Sanitary and WC cabins

Design options

Depending on the project, various equipment options and accessories are available for sanitary and WC cabins. This allows you to design the interior and exterior areas individually according to your requirements.


Paint sanitary and WC cabins
When it comes to quality, we do not compromise. Our high-quality paint is particularly resistant and durable. Give your sanitary or WC cabin an individual look by selecting your choice of colour according to the CTX-RAL chart.


Branding Sanitary and WC cabins
Your sanitary and WC cabin in a corporate design - our decals make this possible!
The decals are produced according to your requirements* from high-quality and durable material. Application during the production process guarantees a perfect appearance. 

*Initial order requires technical specifications.

Interior fittings

Interior fittings sanitary and WC cabins
A large number of high-quality equipment options allows you to perfectly customise sanitary and WC cabins to your requirements.

The following are available:

  • Wash hand basins in different designs
  • Shower cubicles with shower curtains
  • Non-slip floor cover including skirting
  • Shatter-proof metal mirror
  • Child-friendly design
  • Hydrostatic controlled ventilator

Hot water

Hot water

Our hot water preparation ensures optimal use of your sanitary and WC cabins.

Choose from these elaborate solutions:

  • Boiler with 80, 150 or 300 litres
  • Continuous flow heater
  • Water connection recessed into the floor or wall

Energy saving options

Protect the environment and reduce your costs – our additional equipment options offer the best choice for this:
  • Tap with start/stop function
  • Flushing cistern with water saving device
  • LED light
  • Light with motion detector

Accessible sanitary and WC cabins

Sanitary facilities with disabled access
Our accessible sanitary and WC cabins are certified according to DIN 18040-1 (reg. no. P1B064) and enable "accessible use" in the private and municipal sectors. These cabins meet your highest expectations and can be found in the public and private sector, at trade fairs and events.

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Design options
Design options