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With portable cabins from CONTAINEX, you can create individual and specially adapted office space within a very short time. Extensions to conventional buildings are also easily achievable due to the flexible panel system. You determine the required floor space and equipment and we deliver the right space solution. Here you will find all the important information to help you find the perfect space solution - from the dimensions of a portable cabin to financing options!

Our all-rounder: The CLASSIC Line

The CONTAINEX CLASSIC Line is our all-rounder for every purpose - from individual cabins to complex modular buildings. Thanks to the tried-and-tested modular design and the large number of layout options, flexible modules can be turned into a space solution tailored to your needs!

Product information about your portable cabin office

Are you looking for an individual office, employee accommodation or an entire office complex? Then you have found the perfect partner for mobile space solutions: CONTAINEX! Whether your requirements are temporary or for a longer period of time, our portable cabins not only offer you space, they can also be individually tailored to your requirements. Here you will find all the relevant information about our portable cabin range, such as available sizes and equipment options.

Portable cabin dimensions and sizes

On the basis of our individual cabins in different sizes, many combinations and floor plans can be designed and they can, for example, be easily connected to a WC cabin, an internal staircase module or a terrace module. That way you do not only create space but free open space. Here you can find all the dimensions of portable cabins that we offer.

Available sizes & Dimensions

  Size Dimensions
CLASSIC Line 10' 2,989 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
  16' 4,885 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
  20' 6,055 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
  24' 7,335 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
  30' 9,120 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
Size Dimensions
10' 2,989 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
16' 4,885 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
20' 6,055 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
24' 7,335 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
30' 9,120 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
If you need further information on the dimensions of the inside of the portable cabins or the weight and the payload, you can find this info in our technical description.
Sanitary equipment
Combination option
Colour selection
Classic Line Classic Line
The versatile space solution
10' 16' 20' 24' 30'
Sanitary equipment
Combination option
Colour selection

Equipment options for outside and inside

Our portable cabins are a versatile space solution that you can adapt perfectly to your requirements. The tried and tested panel system opens up the space for your individual ideas for the design and use of your portable cabin.

In addition to the various panel designs, with various glazing elements such as attractive full glazing, our cabins have:

  • a robust steel profile frame
  • the option to expand with a terrace module or a sanitary cabin
  • a modern full glazing option
  • or on request a convector heater or fan heater with digital control
  • and various energy-saving options.

And not only that: your portable cabin can also have customised decals in your coporate design. It not only serves as accommodation, a mobile office or as temporary quarters, it is also a mobile advertising space.

Buy or hire portable cabins: Financing

Quality is our top priority, and that does not just apply to the requirements for our products! We also place great emphasis on high-quality advice and perfect all-round service from our employees - especially when it comes to financing!
Regardless of whether you want to buy, lease or hire your portable cabin: Let us advise you on financing options without obligation and find the option that suits you best!
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TOP USED portable cabins: Save costs without compromising on quality

Have you heard of TOP USED? This certificate identifies high-quality used containers that have been subject to an extensive quality check and specifically prepared for further use. Because quality does not always have to be new, especially when it comes to saving resources and costs!
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Delivery and assembly

Depending on requirements, we deliver our cabins pre-assembled or as a Transpack Container® package. The cabins are then assembled on site and do not only minimise transport costs but are also a CO2-saving delivery option for your flexible portable cabin office.

The exacy delivery and assembly time depends on the size and specifications of your request. Individual cabins can be set up within a few hours, while larger modular buildings can be set up within a few days. For specific details, please contact our staff!

Your advantages with CONTAINEX as a partner

CONTAINEX finds a tailor-made solution for your individual requirements and has done so for over 40 years with regards to mobile space solutions. As a WALTER GROUP company, we can fall back on a wealth of experience and know-how, which we put to good use for you and your concerns - from planning to assembly and even beyond that thanks to our cabin buyback offer - for new and used cabins and containers.

We are committed to the highest standards when it comes to the quality of our products and services, for example,:

  • our cabins and containers are manufactured in our own European production plants.
  • we deliver our cabins and containers promptly thanks to 250 depots throughout Europe.
  • we offer our own cabin and container repair service.
  • our employees advise you in your national language and on site.
  • we are happy to implement your desired solution as a 3D visualisation first.
  • we value environmentally-friendly delivery and production.
More than 40 years of experience
Own European production
Europe-wide depot network
GREEN technology
Buyback guarantee
personal advice on site
And that is not all you benefit from when you choose CONTAINEX as a partner. The best thing to do is to see for yourself, right away, by sending us a non-binding enquiry!

Request your portable cabin now!

Regardless of whether you use your portable cabin as an office complex, common room or construction office: at CONTAINEX we support you from the enquiry to planning and execution of your project! It is not without reason that we have been a leading force in the cabin and container trade for more than 40 years. But see for yourself and send us your non-binding enquiry now - together we will make your project reality!

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Will the cabin/container be delivered by crane?

Our cabins/containers are always delivered without crane. However, if necessary, we may be able to organise crane offloading on site with a separate crane.

What cladding can a CONTAINEX cabin/container have?

Different claddings are possible from wood to sheet metal and wrapping. However, they are not available from the factory, but if required we would be happy to put you in contact with various partner companies. Take a look at our completed projects and send us an individual request!

Are cabins supplied with keys?

Yes. Our cabins come with up to three keys. They are fitted with cylinder locks as standard.

What does a portable cabin weigh?

When assembled, a portable cabin weighs between 1,290 kg – 2,710 kg depending on its size.

How much does a portable cabin cost?

The best way to find out is to send us a specific request.
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Do cabins and containers require a permit?

Yes. In most cases, the installation of a cabin or container is subject to approval. Whether it is a construction project that requires approval or notification depends on the size and purpose of the cabin or container. However, this can vary as building regulations differ from country to country. A submission plan may be required. To be on the safe side with your project, you need to contact the responsible authority e.g. building authority, municipality, city, etc.
Portable cabin CLASSIC Line