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Show room

Show and sales room

  • Individual design
  • Adapted to your business
  • Focus on external appearance 
One of the most important questions for start-ups is definitively the one concerning the business office. We are happy to provide you the answer to your question: "What should the new shop look like?". Over the past decades we were able to develop countless tailor-made plans together with our customers, where individual customer needs were successfully fulfilled with CONTAINEX products. Whether it is a bakery, pharmacy, supermarket, car dealer, bank, food stand or even a production company, we always offer you the right concept.

Suitable products

Portable cabin

Our portable cabins can be used flexibly and can be individually adapted thanks to numerous equipment options.
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Show and sales room
Sanitary cabin interior view

Sanitary cabin

Complete your show or sales room with practical sanitary solutions - our sanitary modules make this possible.

Equipment options

Windows & glazing

Put your product in the limelight with various glazing options e.g. modern full glazing.

Interior fittings

Numerous interior equipment options allow you to design your sales room individually. These range from interior finishes, floor coverings, lighting systems to various energy-saving options.

Interior design

You decide on size and layout of the room - a flexible design is guaranteed due to our tried-and-tested modular design.


Get your cabin in your choice of colour - our in-house production makes this possible.

Exterior design

Functional and also a visual highlight: a canopy or a fascia add value to your show or sales room.


High-quality insulation materials create a pleasant indoor climate and help you to reduce your energy costs.

Design options

Planning examples

Financing and leasing

CONTAINEX cabins can be purchased, rented or leased, depending on the installation time and budget. Let our employees advise you on the best financing option for you, without any obligation, by completing the contact form.
Financing and leasing

Key Accounts

Key Accounts

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