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CONTAINEX - Sales Manager

Sales Manager

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CONTAINEX - Sales Manager

Our sales managers sell and rent mobile space solutions. They deal with clients in trade, industry and commerce, and in the municipal sector, non-profit organisations and big corporations.

This role requires good communication skills and a strong desire to travel. Because this job can take you from Dublin to Moscow and from Helsinki to Naples, just like that. At the respective locations, you are in charge of expanding office or sanitary space and increasing storage capacities. Above all, reliability and flexibility are required. If you have a real passion for sales, you meet all the requirements for this job.

Your job:

  • You will be responsible for your own sales area
  • You will look after regular clients and key accounts, as well as acquiring new clients
  • You will calculate and negotiate prices and conditions
  • You will regularly travel to the regions you are responsible for (approx. 50% travel days)
  • You will strategically develop our market position

Alois S., Division Sales Manager:
Each day brings new challenges - and that's very exciting! I like working in a young dynamic team. Ultimately, with a good portion of ambition, it is our intention to work together to achieve long-term success. Be it in client acquisition or the planning of business concepts. To continually develop a market, you often have to take a new direction. Another plus point is the travelling: I learn a lot about new countries and cities, and I am always amazed by the well-implemented container systems.

Christophe F., Division Sales Manager:
At the beginning, I particularly liked the training programme. I was able to thoroughly learn about the various fields of responsibility and easily integrate into the company. In a family business like CONTAINEX, the working atmosphere is incredibly comfortable - and despite that, you still have all the development opportunities of an international group. This combination is a huge advantage. In addition, the international environment is inspiring, you learn something new every day. Boredom is a foreign concept here, I find the work fun again and again.

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