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The specialist for mobile space solutions in the energy, oil and gas sector

The indestructible all-round container!

For companies in the "energy, oil and gas" sector, we offer customised and simple individual solutions that meet every requirement and can be implemented within a very short time.

Quick and easy accommodation worldwide

  • rapid installation by local assembly teams
  • low transport costs (transpack container)
  • perfect insulation for hot and cold climates
  • high flexibility in interior design thanks to interchangeable wall panels
  • uncomplicated subsequent adaptations in interior design thanks to the flexible modular system
  • simple construction, transfer and re-assembly if the modular building(s) need to be moved to a new location

Experience and quality

If you appreciate decades of reliable, first-class product quality with certified and standardised production, then CONTAINEX is the right company for you. We provide temporary and permanent mobile space solutions for a wide variety of applications. We can look back on numerous projects in Europe, Russia or Africa, which we have successfully implemented for our international customers.
Thermal insulation for space systems
Thermal insulation for space systems

Space modules from CONTAINEX can be precisely customised to the customer's requirements, and adapted at any time, thanks to the flexible modular system. To ensure an excellent indoor climate in a variety of climates, there are many high-quality insulation variants to choose from: e.g. MW (mineral wool), PU (polyurethane), PIR (polyisocyanurate) or SW (rock wool).

Depending on the requirements - regardless of whether it is a hot or cold climate - our customers can choose the ideal thermal insulation. Examples of roof, wall, floor and thermal insulation combinations in brief:

  • Roof insulation: 100-140 mm
  • Wall insulation: 60-110 mm
  • Floor insulation: 60-100 mm
  • Window: double or triple glazing with gas filling
For our portable and sanitary cabins, various heating systems and air-conditioning options are available. Depending on the requirements, e.g. e-convectors or hot water heating systems can be used.

The indoor climate of your CONTAINEX space modules can be optimally adjusted so you and your employees enjoy maximum comfort!

Flexible applications

  • sanitary rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Recreation rooms
  • Meeting room
  • offices
  • Eating areas
  • Canteens
  • Fitness rooms
  • Social rooms
  • Storage space
Site office at Nant de Drance pumped storage power station
Site office at Nant de Drance pumped storage power station
Staff accommodation at Caspian Pipeline, Krasnodar
Staff accommodation at Caspian Pipeline, Krasnodar
Staff accommodation at a refinery in Bulgaria
Staff accommodation at a refinery in Bulgaria

Use of our container systems can range from small accommodations and offices with sanitary facilities to medium and large camps. The robust steel structures guarantee compliance with static requirements up to three-storey container systems.

Competence and reliability

With 6 of our own European production plants, CONTAINEX offers immediate and continuous availability of all types of containers. With more than 50,000 container units sold, we are Europe's market leader in "mobile space systems".

Our professional spare parts management guarantees fast delivery of accessories and spare parts, which are available for years. The replacement of worn parts or adaptation of existing container systems will also be guaranteed in the coming decades.
CONTAINEX production plants
CONTAINEX production plants
Rental depots in Europe
Rental depots in Europe
LC set example (LC 10’ + 8’ + 6’)
LC set example (LC 10’ + 8’ + 6’)

To optimise transport costs, CONTAINEX has developed "flat-pack portable cabins": The so-called "transpack container" is just like a normal portable cabin, but it comes in a flat-pack package and is assembled at the desired destination. Using this system, up to ten 20' portable cabins including wall elements can be transported on a truck.

Once the individual containers are delivered to their destination, they are assembled into a container system by our competent local partner company according to the customer's requirements. Thanks to the flexible modular system from CONTAINEX with interchangeable wall elements and easy installation, even large systems can be assembled and completed within a very short time and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Subsequent adaptations such as additional windows, air conditioners or a relocation of the entire system can be implemented at short notice and without great expense.

Transpack cabin
Transpack cabin
Loading 10 transpack cabins onto a truck
Loading 10 transpack cabins onto a truck
Loading a transpack cabin into a sea container
Loading a transpack cabin into a sea container
With CONTAINEX storage containers, we have made sure that we focus on optimising transport costs as well as reducing transport emissions. Thus, by transporting storage containers in a set, up to five containers can be loaded inside one another and transported.

In addition, the storage container can be adapted to the customer's requirements, depending on the site and the use of various equipment options such as security locks or electrical equipment. Thus ensuring easy and convenient use as e.g. a material container on a construction site or storage expansion for a business.

Experience our quality for yourself

  • buildings up to 3 storeys high
  • Thermal insulation up to "low-energy house level"
  • individual floor layout
  • Equipment for various applications
  • Painting according to CTX-RAL-chart

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  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Personal advice on site
  • Immediate delivery / direct delivery
  • Countless combinations
  • Own installation teams on site   
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